Order of Valaquenta

By who and when this Order was created ?

The Order of Valaquenta was created by the Professor Angus Shore and Myrddin.

Why ?

When the first refugees were dropped on Earth, it was necessary to organize a new life, to create villages, to prepare oneself to face the unknown diseases which would not fail to reach people of Milenia. According to the Gregorian calendar, it was around the year -2000.

The refugees had endless war on Milenia, even though they had allied themselves against Cadmael, Scatach and the Konhouarns they had created, some animosities remained.

The representatives of each people, each village, and each community were invited to a great council, all agreed to ratify a peace treaty that required each of them to show solidarity.

This treaty created the Order of Valaquenta, from the word Valquent which means solidarity on the planet Halfinela de Grimmaure where live . These Alfes served as a model to create those who populated Milenia and who populate the Earth today. It was signed in the village of Edmunson, a small village in the north of England, hidden from humans by powerful perception filters.

A fair is given every year, for almost 4000 years, in July in this village, it lasts a week and is called the fair of Samstoð (solidarity in Icelandic).

What the mission of the Order ?

The Order of Valaquenta provides logistical support to the most remote peoples who find it harder to obtain supplies. It maintains schools in every country to allow every child, regardless of their origin, to know all the people living on this planet. The teachers also try to teach them how their ancestors lived on their home planet, when, compared to the Big Bang and the Gregorian calendar.

The Order also provides medical assistance, clinics and hospitals are present in each community depending on its size. For the smallest of them, there is at least one apothecary who provides regular care and decides if it is necessary to send his patients in the most adapted structures. The last and not least role is to investigate and bring justice when necessary.

Who are the directors of this Order ?

The first director was Professor Angus Shore, his direct successor was Haraldur Hudson, then Alawn Bridger on the death of his father. Alawn will give his place to his youngest, Diarmaid, to fully devote himself to his role as Attached Watchman at the beginning of the second cycle.