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I’m trying to answer the question: What is a Watchman?

Anywhere on this site and into the novel, I speak about the Order of Watchman, many of the protagonists are Watchmen… Are they strange people with supernatural power? An interplanetary sect?

Not, not and not…

In this article, in the form of question/answer, I try to explain what they are.

Q: By who and when this Order was created?

A: The Order of Watcher was created by two friends from the planet Haïdadainkel, Eyrikur and Cadmael, many thousand years ago (in the earth calendar)

Q: Why?

A: These two friends took part in several wars and was at the destruction of several tribes and planets. There was no regulatory and conflict resolution organisation and they decided to create one.

Q: What the mission of the Order?

A: The members of this Order originally had a police role. When there was a conflict on a planet or between two planets, watchmen were sent to investigate and possibly defuse crisis. Over time, they have also acquired a role of justice that solves interplanetary problems.

Q: Why the words: Respect, Protection, Justice, Safeguard, are written to your badge?

A: A Watchman must be capable of defusing a crisis and never fail. Their technologies allow them to travel in time and space. It would be easy for them to change the future. Their badge was created partly to remind them of their duties. They must protect all life forms on every planet whatever it costs them. When the emotional tension is too great, they repeat these four words in loop using the techniques learned during their training, to lock their emotions in order to complete their mission.

Q: Are there several Watchmen jobs?

A: At the beginning, there was only Watchmen, but over the years, many planets some planets were calling for a watchman to help the people who lived there. The High Council of the Order decide to change statutes to create two types of Watchmen, the Travelling Watchmen and the Attached Watchmen. Other professions were added thereafter, pilot, historian, judge, emissaries…

Q: Where is their base and how they move?

A: The main base, located on a Lagrange point is a huge space base. It was modified over time. It can accommodate the different types of ships used by the Watchmen, from the small corvette to the rescue ark. Corvettes are mostly used for transportation, most are unarmed and can enter garages. The destroyers, cruisers and battleships all have missile launchers and pulsed laser guns on their flanks, some also have large laser guns on the gangways. The ark of rescues is small space stations capable of carrying the animal and plant populations of an entire planet. They have a gravity generator and a time relay. A special lashing system has been designed for the ark. Only super-battleships (more than 5 km long) cannot dock at the base and must use small transports to disembark.

Corvettes: simple spaceship use for transportation

Corvettes and small frigate: armed spaceship use for transportation

Big frigates, cruises, destroyers, battleships: war spaceships rescue ark: small space station specially equipped and which embark four frigates to repatriate people, a frigate specially arranged for quadrupeds and birds, and a medical frigate. Other frigates, more or less armed depending on the case, are stowed at the station to protect it during population transfers.

Here is a little overview of what the Order of the Watchmen represents. I hope he has amused you and has made you want to discover a little more this universe through novels.

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