Review of june 2020

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Review of june 2020.
Program :
  • Progression of the new visual
All texts and illustrations presented in this post are under license CC BY-NC 4.0

Principle of the game / new visual

We are in 2055 (earth year). You have just arrived at the main Watchmen base. You are part of the very first class of academy that Charles Cooper and Baldur Bridger created.
Throughout your course, you can follow your progress in the different disciplines until you obtain your Watchman title. Your badge will then be presented to you at an official ceremony.

The different stages will allow you to get to know Solene Andersen Cooper, Jack Cooper, Alexandre Bridger and Baptiste Le Bel, through their interviews and a few anectotes. Their descendants will introduce you to everything you need to know before traveling the galaxy or joining a planet, if you have chosen to be an Attached Watchman.

page d'accueil du projet


  • Interviews are over, texts and visuals.
  • Two anecdotes are completed, texts and visuals.
    These two news are unpublished.
  • The planets are all referenced on the galaxy map, the visuals of the systems are integrated. There are only the texts to integrate for each system and planet.
  • The history of the Order of Watchmen and Valaquenta is integrated.
  • The part dedicated to the ships is finalized, it only remains to integrate it.
  • Part of the game is translated into English. The one I used for the very first demo.
  • Two of the music created by Serge Longoulet are already included in the interviews. They correspond to the themes of the characters.
  • The sound effects are being created by Serge Longoulet.

So much for the progress of the project. Some additional information is available on the tipeee, such as the tools used for example.

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