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Review of the last three months.
In the program :
  • Publication
  • Illustrations / animations
  • The secret project
  • Writing / Translation
All the texts and illustrations presented in this post, except the cover of Métanélie, are under license CC BY-NC-ND 4.0


The situation did not lend itself to this when it happened, but Volume 3, Métanélie, was published in late March. It is available in ebook and paper format. The big news is that it can be ordered in bookstores.

Couverture officielle
« War is raging among my people. I don't understand them, Julia either. [...] Many of my friends are dead today. They were so calm and kind, they became bullies. ”
A drifting rescue capsule, a quarantined system, a dying patient and a war log. What happened to Metanélie, a planet so peaceful?
What will the descendants of the legends who put it under the protection of the Watchmen many centuries earlier find?
Ethan, Samia, Reth , Will Simon and their companions manage to liberate Metanelia?

You can find all the information sur cette page.

Depending on the evolution of my professional situation, I plan to make the first two volumes also available in bookstores. I removed the news from the sale, they are still available for free reading. I'm going to rework them a little bit, only in form, nothing changes in the stories.


Some illustrations complement those already available. Some will be included in the news, others have been created for the secret project. The animations are a bit late and will complete the secret project.

The secret project

But what is this secret project? What wacky idea has ever crossed her mind? If if I hear you whisper, over there at the bottom ...

The animations will complete the project? And yes, the project replaces part of what I planned to achieve in simple animation. This project responds more to the way I wanted to share information relating to Memoirs of a Watchman (what else could they relate to, you say ...)

I plan to replace part of the wiki with the first part of the project. A second project will complete the news that is the prequel to the main story.

If as a result, I can financially, I will complete with the volumes, but let's start at the beginning. What is this project ?!

Here are some screenshots to give you some clues:

page d'accueil du projet
un menu du projet
vitrine réalisée pour le projet

An idea?
No, here's another clue:
-> The project is programmed with free software.

How's that like everything else! Okay, one more in my collection.
Another clue:
-> The version under development will be bilingual. Yes, this type of project is little known in France and most projects of the same type are English-speaking. As most of the content is already translated, you might as well take advantage of it.

Still no idea?
Okay, I stop making mysteries, it's about ... of ... of ...
... visual novels.
Small interactive novels to have a little fun while reading.
Something that hadn't happened to me for a very long time, I enjoy programming. I can use the love of writing, illustration, manual creation and programming in the same project. Is it not happiness?

The first in the series will take some of the information from the wiki to provide it in a more fun way and with new illustrations. Some little news will also be integrated.

The engine allows them to be used on Linux, Windows and Mac. A beta version will soon be available as a demo for the more adventurous or the impatient ;-)

Writing / Translation

Several reasons slowed down my pace of translation of the first volume, The Lost Year. I'm about halfway there. It is quite fun and enjoyable as a job.

Volume 4 is in progress. I have advanced correctly and I keep my schedule on rewriting. I added scenes and some are still to be written, but the content is already detailed. I'm giving myself a little more time than initially planned to finish it, since I'm only going to be able to start presenting volume 3.

So much for news and project progress.
Do not hesitate to visit the rest of the site and the tipeee. I will modify the counterparts a little to add the new visuals which will be available in preview to the contributors.

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