Review of the months of January and February 2020

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A little ticket for the past two months. In the program :

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All the texts and illustrations presented in this post, except the cover of Vacances Macabres, are under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license.


The short story Macabres Holidays was published on time (in french only). It is available in ebook format only at a price of 0.99 €, like all other books. You can find all the information on this page.
Couverture officielle
"Lucet, I think you have a knack for choosing your vacation spots!" ". The description, however, made the manor welcoming, the landscapes seemed magnificent ... Disappearances, murders and macabre discoveries were unfortunately on Lucet's holiday program.

The promotional film for Volume 3 is also published. It is made entirely with Krita (digital drawing workshop) which allows you to create 2D animations.

The first illustration of the scenes from Volume 1 (The Lost Year) is online. Couverture officielle



As I explained in the previous post, I took my courage in both hands and I created my patreon page.

So to the big question, why participate in funding? Here is part of my answer (which you can find in full on the owner page):
I think it is important to give access to as many people as possible to all forms of culture, including the SciFi universes. I try as much as possible to get messages across the stories, as well on the importance of having access to education as on the values ​​of tolerances, the importance of respect for each other, for each other's differences, etc., as shown by the precepts of the Watchers which are 4 important values ​​for me. [...] Articles on the progress of projects, illustrations, wallpapers, etc. are and will always be available for everyone on the website. [...] I will add only for patrons, the financial results of book sales in order to keep total transparency with the people who support me in this adventure.

Musical universe

Another news, the musical universe associated with the cycle is being created and the first song will soon be available.

Writing / Artworks

Métanélie, Volume 3 of the Memoirs of a Watchman is being finalized. I finish and double check the layout this week to send it to the editor.

I started the last corrections of the short stories associated with Inès and Anselm to share them, as well as the Marquis Stockman.

I am working in parallel on a small animation presenting the universe.

I started adding new content to the wiki. I think I can add the ship descriptions soon.

Modèle de corvette armée des Veilleurs

I would also like to withdraw from the sale short stories from the first period of the cycle to republish it in another format. I will keep my narrative choices, whatever the purists like, but I will correct some blunders and add the other short stories. I hope to be able to offer small animations of some scenes as well as illustrations.

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