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First of all, I would like to take advantage of this post to wish you all a very happy new year 2020. May it bring you happiness and the success of your projects. I would also like to thank you for your support since the beginning of this adventure, for your constructive feedback, for your positive feedback which inspires me to continue sharing my universe.

Annual Review

The redesign of the website in technologies that suit me better in terms of privacy and in terms of software used (PluXML) took me a lot of time in the first half and delayed the publications announced in the objectives set in early 2019.
Writing a short story that was not initially planned also turned my program upside down and brought me a lot. Not only in terms of writing, but also in human terms. It is very interesting to be part of a group of people who share the same values as you, it has never happened to me before and it is very enriching. This news is called Shap and is part of the collection of the Pécéociens collectives which this year is dedicated to the Pluriel association. I am very happy to have been able to participate at my level in this collection which I invite you to discover here.
Shap is part of the cycle, I would have liked it to be a totally independent story, but chase the natural ... The story can be read without having to know anything about the Watchmen. In the chronology, it takes place after volume 5 (Mars) and takes place on this planet which has been colonized for some time already.

I also wrote a little news for news duels, it was very fun :-) It is not yet available for free reading, I would like to add some details that I had removed to enter the number of words required, before publishing it. It tells in more detail the story of Dagiran and his people, the Dagiras, which we discover in volume 1.

This year has also been a great step forward for me in terms of illustrations and learning from Blender and Krita. Some of the characters have a face that I can share, several landscapes are already available and others in progress. Several spaceships are now made in 3D and used for illustrations.

On a more personal level, I have also come a long way. I carried out a career / skills assessment to know where I was on the food work side and also to take stock of my professional projects on the writing side. My health does not allow me to change my food job, I will try to develop my current missions, even if I do not have much hope. On the other hand, these exchanges comforted me in my project and allowed me to refine it. I detail all this in the 2020 objectives ;-)

2020 targets

Publication side:

The very short-term objectives are to publish Vacances Macabres at the start of the year, certainly in digital format (at least initially) and Métanélie, volume 3 of the cycle, during the first quarter (paper and ebook).
Then, I have to finish the writing of volume 4. I completely reworked it in its form this year and it remains only to add some details.

As I wrote in the previous post, I hesitate to withdraw "Cooperation and Truth" and the collection of short stories "Meetings" from the publication to improve and republish them. At first, it would only be in electronic format for financial reasons. I think that all the news relating to the cycle will be published in this form, only the volumes will be in both formats.

I will also continue the translations of the news and the first volume and look for a proofreader so that I can offer them in English too (free reading and ebook only)

Artworks side :

Continue to work in 2D and 3D to share the landscapes, planets, characters that live in my head ;-)

I would like to sculpt my characters in 3D correctly in order to print them via a 3D printer. Blender allows you to prepare the sculptures so that they can be interpreted by a printer. I would also like to do the same for the ships in order to create miniature decorations.
Train me to be able to offer some news in webcomics format and / or 2D / 3D animation. These last two objectives are long term, since there is always only 24 hours in a day ;-)


Add to the wiki, the classes of spaceships and their characteristics. Also add the names of those found in the stories. Continue to update all the information provided in the wiki to allow everyone to discover a little more the world of Watchmen.


I do not like to talk about this part, I sincerely wish I could just share and offer paper and ebook books without having to sell them, but it is not possible. All my writings and all my illustrations and artworks (done at my humble level of student in 2D and 3D) are free reading and under creative commons license.
Publication is quite expensive since I absolutely want it to be printing on demand and above all labeled Imprim'vert (FSC or recycled paper, non-toxic ink, low-consumption machines, etc.). To have access to these printers and to the distribution network (for ebooks) while keeping my freedom, I chose to go through an independent publishing house that shares my vision of what the world of the edition should be. The house does the job that I don't want to do (distribution, finding a printer, contracts with distributors, etc.), thus giving me more time to advance in my projects (writing and illustration) while sparing my health.
To come back to the title ;-) I will set up sponsorship funding (patreon, etc.). I have no illusions, I assure you, but perhaps my work might interest a few. If one day I manage to have a little something on this side, I will be able to work less (food job) and provide more content.

So much for the 2020 goals. I hope I can stick to it.

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